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Presentation Aikido

Technical Presentation Masterclass

Advanced Technical Presentation Techniques


Advanced Software Development Techniques with Vim

Instantly Better Vim

Mastering Vim

Scripting Vim

Perl Beginner

Introduction to Perl for Programmers

Perl Novice

Mastering Perl Data Structures

Introduction to Object-Oriented Perl

Perl Intermediate

Perl Best Practices

API Design For Perl

Perl Even-Better Practices

Intermediate Object-Oriented Perl

Test-Driven Development in Perl

New Features of the Modern Perls (5.10 to 5.20)

Object-Oriented Design In Perl

Object-Oriented Perl with Object::InsideOut

Optimizing Your Perl Development

Practical Parsing with Parse::RecDescent

Practical Parsing with Regexp::Grammars

Understanding Perl Regular Expressions

Perl Worst Practice

Perl Advanced

Advanced Perl Regular Expressions

Advanced Object-Oriented Perl

Advanced Parsing with Parse::RecDescent

Advanced Parsing with Regexp::Grammars

Perl Masterclass

Perl Programming Masterclass

Perl 6

Perl 6 for Perl 5 programmers

Programming in Perl 6

Practical Perl 6 with the Rakudo compiler

(Re)Developing in Perl 6


The Productive Programmer

Understanding Regular Expressions


Parsing Techniques for Bioinformatics

Understanding Regular Expressions for Bioinformatics