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The Productive Programmer

This course explores how Dr Damian Conway – one of the most prolific contributors to the Perl community and to the CPAN – manages to be so productive.

It examines the Unix environment under which he works and shows how simple enhancements to his shell environment, editor command set, command-line utilities, and window management tools all help to dramatically improve his work-flow.

The course also explores and explains the numerous hand-built utility programs that implement many of these customizations, as well as some of the software modules that made those “helper” programs so easy to create.

In addition to the specific productivity techniques described, at a deeper level this course is about laterally re-thinking your workspace, getting you out of your existing ruts, and helping you custom-tailor more efficient ways of interacting with, and automating, your own development environment – whatever it happens to be.

Applying the virtue of Laziness to your programming environment (even if it’s not Unix) can significantly increase your productivity. This class shows you how.

Course format

Half-day or full-day seminar

Who should attend

Perl programmers who are looking to make their day-to-day work practices more efficient, less stressful, and more enjoyable.