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Instantly Better Vim

Approximately 50% of software developers use vi/Vim on a regular basis. But most of them only use the 5% of the editor features that they learned in school or in their first coding job. And even those who do use more of the available tools, often only use the built-in tools. They miss out on the many powerful add-ons that the world-wide Vim community has made available.

Vim has a huge range of extra features and configuration options that can quickly make your editing more efficient and productive. And there are a large number of Vim plugins that can instantly make your editing experience vastly better.

In this class, we will look at the most effective ways to immediately improve your Vim environment, including recently added features of the editor itself, as well as numerous powerful plugins and tools, many of which were written by Dr Conway himself.

Topics covered include:

Vim is a V12 supercar but most Vim users drive it like they’re stuck in first gear. This class will show you how to edit faster, more smoothly, and with much less grind.

Course format

Half-day or 1-day seminar

Who should attend

Vim users who are familiar with the basic features of the editor (basic navigation, searches, text insertion and deletion, simple commands).