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Advanced Technical Presentation 3: Persuasive Speaking

You have 10 minutes to speak.
You have 5 people listening to you.
You have 1 chance to sell them your idea.

And you’re probably going to blow it.

Not because your idea isn’t innovative.
Not because your plan isn’t well thought out.
And not because your project isn’t worth funding.

No, you’re probably going to blow it because your presentation looks and sounds and feels exactly like the dozen or more other pitches those same five people hear every single day.

Or because your message is blurry, or your structure is chaotic, or your argument is obscure, or your language is unconvincing, or your delivery is stilted, or your demeanour lacks confidence.

What you need instead is an arresting start, a clear and succinct message, three compelling arguments, and a convincing conclusion.

In this full-day class, Dr Damian Conway, a professional speaker and presentation skills educator with four decades of experience, will show you how to achieve precisely that: how to design, create, and deliver short, powerful, and (above all) different presentations for sales pitches, product launches, business proposals, funding requests, tender submissions, corporate reports, and technical briefings.

The optional second day is a workshop, where each attendee has the opportunity to give their own short presentation, after which we work through it together to improve its design, delivery, and effectiveness.

If you need to give any kind of persuasive presentation, this class will provide you with the tools, the techniques, and the insights to speak more effectively, more convincingly, and more successfully.

Course format

Half- or one-day seminar

Two-day workshop

Who should attend

Anyone who has ever tried to sell an audience on an idea, a product, a service, a suggestion, a proposal, or a technical concept and who would like to do it even more effectively in the future.