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Advanced Technical Presentation 1: Core Techniques

Presenting technical information to an audience is one of the hardest tasks any professional can face. Presenting effectively is not a natural talent for most people. Indeed, many technical presentations utterly fail in their primary objective – to convey a complex idea or argument clearly and convincingly.

This class explains – and also demonstrates – the key techniques that combine to produce an effective and enjoyable technical presentation.

Topics covered in the full course include:

The optional second day is a workshop, where each attendee has the opportunity to give a short presentation they have previously created, after which we work through it together to improve its design and delivery.

Shorter variants of the course covers most of the same material, but in less detail.

Course format

Half-day introduction

1-day seminar

2-day workshop

Who should attend

Anyone who is required to present technical or business information in front of an audience.