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Perl Even-Better Practices

In the decade-and-a-half since Perl Best Practices was first published, tens of thousands of Perl developers around the world have read, debated, and adopted many of the recommendations in that book.

However, the central purpose of Perl Best Practices was not to deliver a fixed and eternal set of absolute rules; it was to engender a mindset of continual re-evaluation of all Perl coding techniques and tools. In particular, Dr Damian Conway himself has continued to study, experiment with, and evolve his own coding practices.

This course revisits and re-evaluates every rule and piece of advice given in the original edition of Perl Best Practices, drawing on Damian’s fifteen extra years of experience as a developer and educator. As a result of this process, this class offers dozens of new and improved suggestions to make your best-practice Perl code even better.

Course format

1-day seminar

Who should attend

The course is specifically designed for Perl programmers who have either previously taken Damian’s “Perl Best Practice” course or who are familiar with the book Perl Best Practices.

However, the class will be of benefit to any Perl programmer who works as part of a development team or who simply wishes to write better, more reliable, more maintainable code.