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Introduction to Perl for Programmers

This course is a comprehensive guide to the features and philosophy of the Perl programming language. It covers basic syntax, operators, data structures, control structures, I/O, references, subroutines, packages and modules, existing Perl libraries, debugging, and documentation.

Topics covered in the standard four-day version of this class include:

The three-day version of the class covers most of the same above material, in somewhat less depth. The five-day version of the class added hands-on programming exercises (and hence requires that students have access to a computer with Perl installed).

Course format

Half-day lecture

1-day to 3-day seminar

4-day or 5-day workshop

Who should attend

Programmers with experience in other languages (such as C, Java, Pascal, or Visual Basic), who have a basic knowledge of control structures, subroutines, I/O, and data structures.