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Technical Presentation Masterclass

This class does not have a fixed syllabus.

Instead, it provides an opportunity for you to work one-on-one with Dr Damian Conway in a small-group environment, to explore and resolve your individual challenges, issues, and questions with regard to designing and delivering presentations.

It is a rare opportunity to get direct feedback, insights, suggestions, and assistance on your own specific questions from one of the most experienced and successful technical presenters in the world, drawing directly on his four decades of experience in creating and delivering convention keynotes, conference sessions, commercial training classes, university lectures, public seminars, corporate sales pitches, government and executive technical briefings, user-group demonstrations, and many other forms and formats of presentation.

If you need to present technical material, and if you'd like to do it better, this class is a chance to get specific and individual help from a world-class presentation expert.

Note that this class is always limited to no more than 12 participants per day, to ensure that each person has the best possible opportunity to have their questions answered and their problems solved.

Course format

1-day workshop

Who should attend

Anyone who needs to present technical information in front of an audience, and who has specific questions or presentation challenges for which they need better solutions.