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(Re)Developing in Perl 6

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Don't change languages. Change your language!

Everyday Perl 6

Extreme Perl -- The Horror That Is SelfGOL

Hands-on Perl 6

Lingua::Romana::Perligata: Perl for the XXI-imus century

Modern Perl: Not Your Grandfather's Line-Noise

On the Shoulders of Giants: 400 Years of Perl 6

Perl 6: A Language For Computer Scientists (and Other Crazy People)

Perl 6: More Concurrency, Less Contusion

Perl 6: The Sky Isn't Falling

Perl 6: The Swiss-Army Lightsaber

Small Miracles

Sufficiently Advanced Technologies

Taming Perl Regexes

The Missing Link

The Twilight Perl

Three Little Words

Transparadigm Programming in Perl 6



Instantly Better Vim

More Instantly Better Vim


Evolving the Future

Future Copyright

Future I.T.

Future Science

Geek Eye for the Suit Guy

Sex and Violence: Social and Technical Lessons from the Perl 6 Project


Everything You Know About Regexes Is Wrong

Fun With Dead Languages

Instantly Better Presentations

Instantly Even Better Presentations

Life, The Universe, and Everything


Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming In Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Spacetimes...Made Easy!

The Da Vinci Codebase


openTalk 2.0: Maximizing Non-stakeholder Buy-in by Leveraging Depatented Generic Information Transfer Protocols