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Good Enough Is Not Good Enough
The Seven Mistakes That Keep You From Being A Great Speaker

You work hard on your presentations.
You work hard preparing them.
You work hard rehearsing them.
You work hard delivering them.

And the reaction from your audience is always so...polite.
Polite interest. Polite questions.
Polite applause. Polite reviews.

It’s infuriating. For some reason you can’t quite manage
to take that crucial next step.

You aren’t capturing their rapt attention.
You aren’t inspiring that standing ovation.
You aren’t generating those glowing reviews.

In this 90-minute seminar, Dr Damian Conway will highlight
the seven ways in which competent speakers often sabotage their own
preparation and performance, and will offer insights and suggestions
on how to finally make the leap: from “good enough” to “exceptional”.