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Everyday Raku

For most Perl developers, the real and immediate benefit of using Raku is this new (but eerily familiar) programming language just plain eliminates most of the minor annoyances and frustrations that plague our everyday coding.

If you’ve ever mistyped a sigil, miscounted a subroutine’s parameters, mis-used the spooky action-at-a-distance of $_, mis-sorted a numeric list, mis-indented a heredoc, mis-interpolated a variable, mis-typed a regex, or simply misunderstood a sequence of nested subroutine calls, Raku has a kinder, gentler solution for you.

This talk explores some of the most useful, convenient, and un-scary ways in which Raku improves on Perl and offers a dozen practical reasons why Raku might now be a better choice as your everyday go-to problem-solver.