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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the High-Energy Physics Building, Damian weaves together millennial madness, t-shirts, slogans, the Bohr/Einstein rematch, fashion modelling, broadcasters, violins, Mafiosi, pseudo-Hopi, relativity, time, space, velocity, mass, energy, objects in motion, objects at rest, warps and curves, speed limits, the Y.M.C.A., Kansas, hypercones, mental hospitals, seconds and light-seconds, time-like intervals, places you can never get to from here, German coiffure, conversion factors, blaming the French, English imperialism, the rules of the fight cone, lightning striking twice, trains and platforms, the paradox of non-simultaneity, Jon Orwant, coffee, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, a little light conspiracy, holey shrinking space, why time sometimes drags, basic algebra, recreational substances, the universal fudge factor, physicists union rules, Ancient Greek, Damian's height, clocks running fast, fast running clocks, the biggest clock ever built, Pythagoras in space, blaming the Russians, a big heavy conspiracy, masterminds restrained, scary guys, snake-oil, the fine art of misdirection, guruphageous cephalopods, guruphageous allosaurs, framing Randal, Tom Christiansen's secret identity, hypnotic screen savers, film contracts, the master race, mega-programmers, the Name Code, extreme programming, geek couples, fundamental mechanisms, wireless delivery, mutations, communists, drug dealers, capitalists, thugs, demons, ophidiophagea, the plural of virus, showdowns, axes, velocity as rotation, trading space for time, E=mc² from first principles, calculating π, merry-go-rounds, the California Highway Patrol, why the TARDIS spins, legislative geometry, cutbacks at the BBC, thin space, enormous lenses, Sir Arthur Eddington, stellar aberration, The Newton/Einstein rematch, the bicycle trap, thick space, what's wrong with Mercury , GPS systems, catenaries, Kurt Gödel, Frank Tipler, neutronium, a modest proposal, dots and diets, coming out of the closet, the National Enquirer operators, weird reality, mops, the ultimate fantasy, and even a little bit of Perl.

You don't have to be a physicist to be crazy here. But it helps.


This talk is the sequel to Quantum::Superpositions