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(Re)Developing in Perl 6

This class explores a number of effective approaches to porting existing Perl 5 code to Perl 6.

The class consists of a series of code walk-throughs, in which we will examine the changes needed to reimplement half a dozen real-world Perl 5 modules in Perl 6. The approaches taken will range from simple "word-for-word" translation, through to much more sophisticated approaches that preserve only the module's API, while completely changing its internals to take advantage of the new features of Perl 6.

The final session will focus on the process of module redesign, demonstrating how the greater power and sophistication of Perl 6 can be usefully applied to completely re-invent two existing modules, providing them not only with more maintainable implementations, but with much cleaner and more effective API's as well.

The processes of converting Perl 5 to Perl 6 also gives a surprisingly thorough overview of how the two languages differ, as well as insights into the relative strengths of each.

Course format

1-day or 2-day seminar

Who should attend

Perl programmers from all disciplines who are experienced with Perl 5 and who are eager to reach the same level of skill and knowledge in Perl 6.