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Practical Perl 6 with the Rakudo compiler

You can write and run Perl 6 code today. Implementation of the Parrot-based Perl 6 compiler (Rakudo) is proceeding rapidly and it can already run a wide range of Perl 6 programs. Applications are already being implemented in Perl 6 and within the next 12 months the Rakudo compiler is likely to be ready for general development work.

Perl 6 will be a major improvement on Perl 5 in many ways: syntactically, semantically, pragmatically, and philosophically. This full- or two-day class surveys the most important features of Perl 6, demonstrating many of the new programming techniques those features make possible. Every demonstration will use live code, executed via Rakudo. Topics covered will include:

Note that attendees may wish to pre-install the Rakudo compiler on their own laptops, in order to experiment with the various code examples themselves during or after the class. Instructions for installing Rakudo are available at, and the installation process will also be discussed during the class.

Course format

1-day or 2-day seminar

Who should attend

Perl programmers from all disciplines who are familiar with the basics of Perl's control flow, string handling, and simple data structures (scalars, arrays, hashes).