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Presentation Aikido

The best, most effective presentations capture the audience quickly, hold their interest effortlessly, educate and entertain them in equal measure, and sometimes even inspire them. This class explores simple and effective techniques for achieving those goals in any kind of presentation.

The first half of the course focuses on preparation, content selection, delivery techniques, and handling questions (or the lack thereof). The second half of the course is an in-depth tutorial on improving the "look and feel" of presentation materials--especially Powerpoint/Impress presentations. In particular, it demonstrates practical techniques for making your slides not suck.

The optional final day is a workshop, where each attendee has the opportunity to give a short presentation they have previously created, after which we work through it together to improve its design and delivery.

Course format

Half-day or 1-day seminar

2-day workshop

Who should attend

Anyone who is required to present technical information in front of an audience.