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About our training services

Thoughtstream offers world-class training in:

We can provide training classes, seminars, briefings, or consultation anywhere in North America, Europe, or Australasia.

All our courses and seminars are developed and delivered by Dr Damian Conway, a well-known and highly respected member of the international Open Source community.

We offer programming courses for programmers at all skill levels – from a basic introductions right up to masterclasses that even expert programmers will find challenging.

Our technology briefings and presentation skills classes are aimed at a much broader audience and are typically customized to the specific needs and interests of our clients.

Most of our courses can be delivered in either workshop or seminar format. Workshops are longer presentations (two- to five-day) which include a significant number of hands-on exercises. Seminars are shorter presentations (half-day up to two-day) without any coding component, though still with plenty of time for questions and discussion by attendees.

Some of our classes can also be delivered in lecture format, to large audiences.